Battery Alliance is a unique, one-stop source for our member companies. We offer a broad range of products at competitive prices, with a full package of services to compliment our selection. By combining the buying power of our membership, we negotiate specialized programs with various manufacturers, allowing us to maximize value for our members. Our combined buying power gives us the edge over a single independent distributor, whose volume may be insignificant to a large manufacturer. With a coast-to-coast network, Battery Alliance offers its members the most comprehensive suite of products and services at optimum prices, with payment terms to suit their operations.

Why spend valuable time dealing with a multitude of battery and battery accessory manufacturers? We provide an entire battery product line to our customers with the convenience of dealing with one company. Battery Alliance has a staff of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable people to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Battery Alliance Members also get to participate in exclusive incentives such as the annual Battery Alliance Member Conference.

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Dealer Service: Service by one of the largest networks of independently owned battery specialists on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, reducing your need to stock a large inventory and tie up your money. Free product rotation eliminates obsolescence.

Nationwide Warranty: All Battery Alliance products come with nationwide, toll-free warranty assistance. Our national distributor network offers you the security of assistance with any problems that may occur with your batteries.

Immediate Warranty Adjustment: On-the-spot battery warranty fulfillment by Battery Alliance distributors eliminates time and money tied up in adjustments. Your Battery Alliance program assures you easy record maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Warranty Management: Battery Alliance Members provide the field support, technical training and equipment to help you, your dealers and their customers control warranties and avoid unnecessary markdowns.

Batteries and Accessories for Every Need: Battery Alliance Members offer batteries for trucks, buses, diesel vehicles, cars, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, computers, cell phones, and even batteries for backup and emergency power.

Competitive Pricing: Battery Alliance Members offer competitive pricing on all products, so you can make a maximum profit on your battery sales and remain competitive in your market.

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